The ideal party companion!

The ACE Easy doesn’t only look great thanks to its modern and minimalistic design: It’s also one of the most accurate breathalyzers in its price class. Thanks to its compact size, the device fits into every pocket.

You can control each operation by just one button, which makes the device easy to use – even for technically inexperienced users.
The ACE Easy can also be used with regular drinking straws and completely without any straw or mouthpiece. Measurements conducted without a mouthpiece may result in less accurate results.

How to use: Press the power button until the countdown appears on the screen. When it reaches zero, your devices has warmed up and is ready for use. Blow into the mouthpiece until the beeping stops. The ACE Easy will then calculate your BAC and display it a few seconds later.

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This breathalyzer was tested by DOT and meets the NHTSA model specifications.

A fuel-cell breathalyzer for a reasonable price!

One of our newest innovations, the ACE X, convinces its users through its robust case and precise technology.
This breathalyzer measures the alcohol concentration in human breath using an electrochemical sensor to calculate the blood alcohol level.
You can operate the device by only one single button. The display shows reliable test results in % Blood Alcohol Contentration (BAC).

How to use: Put the mouthpiece into the opening. Hold the power button until you can see the moving bars indicating that the device is warming up. You will then see a zero – this means that the device is ready. You can blow into the mouthpiece now. The beeping noise indicates that the ACE X has recognized your breath. Don’t stop until you hear a clicking noise inside the device – this means that the breathalyzer has processed your breathing. You will then see your BAC on the display.

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This breathalyzer was tested by DOT and meets the NHTSA model specifications.

High accuracy, lightweight technology.

Thanks to its accuracy of approximately 99,0%, the ACE II Basic was the test winner of a 2015 study conducted by the Technical University of Vienna concerning the accuracy and precision of different breathalyzers.

The ACE II Basic’s electrochemical sensor guarantees a highly precise test result in % Blood Alcohol Contentration (BAC). In addition, an accurate flow sensor measures the respiratory volume as well.
Another advantage of the ACE II Basic is handy and compact design: It fits into almost every purse or into the glovebox of your car.

How to use: Hold the power button in the middle of the device. After the breathalyzer has warmed up, it will display the word “blow”. You can then breathe into the mouthpiece until you can hear a clicking noise and the device stops beeping. After a short period of time, the ACE II Basic will display your BAC.

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This breathalyzer was tested by DOT and meets the NHTSA model specifications.

Compact design, yet super high stability!

The ACE III Basic is technically based on the ACE II Basic.
Yet thanks to it’s high-quality materials, the accuracy of the installed sensor remains much longer.
Just like its predecessor the ACE III Basic also uses a flow sensor to measure the respiratory volume. The heat phase of this device was reduced significantly, additionally, the time of readiness was further shortened. Test results are shown in % Blood Alcohol Contentration (BAC).

Two big advantages of the ACE III Basic are its flat design and lightweight architecture. It weighs less than 0,20 pound, which makes the transport of the device comfortable and handy. Furthermore, the compact design of the device makes sure that the ACE III Basic easily fits into any pocket or into your car’s glovebox. In addition, the device uses single-button operation, making the usage of the ACE III Basic easy and intuitive.

How to use: Identical to the ACE II Basic.

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Enlighten your experience!

This easy-to-use breathalyzer uses background illumination for the mouthpiece slot as well as the display. You can thus also take a test in dark surroundings.
The AF-33 includes a high-quality fuel cell sensor with an accuracy of 97.9% (according to a study conducted by the Technical University of Vienna).

How to use: After turning the AF-33 on, you will see a countdown while the device is warming up. When you see three lines and the word “start” on the display your breathalyzer is ready to go and you can blow into the mouthpiece. After the continuous beeping has stopped and you are hearing a short double-beep, you can stop blowing into the device. You can read the results on the display after a few seconds.

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Sleek appearance, high-tech inside.

The ACE one breathalyzer combines elegant, futuristic design with highly accurate fuel cell sensor technology similar to law enforcement devices with a deviation of only ± 0.025 mg/L.
Operations are conducted with one single button. The device has got a small weight and fits into every pocket thanks to its compact size.
After blowing into the mouthpiece, the breathalyzer displays a reliable result within five seconds.

How to use: Identical to the AF-33.

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ACE one


More than an ordinary breathalyzer!

You can use this compact but highly accurate device in combination with a smartphone and the app “Alcofind”.
Similar to the ACE one breathalyzer it contains a high-class fuel cell sensor, the same kind that is also included in devices used by authorities.

The app “Alcofind” works on Android smartphones as well as on those using iOS. Of course, you can download it for free in the Appstore or Google Play. After pressing the power button, the ACE AFM-5 breathalyzer is ready within five seconds. Simply turn on the Bluetooth mode on your smartphone and start your breath test!

A lot of additional features and functions included in the app allow the ACE AFM-5 breathalyzer to use much more features than a regular breathalyzer offers.
E.g. you can monitor how the alcohol works in your body, set limits or share your results on social networks.
Impress your friends and avoid inconvenient legal situations with this handy and useful gadget!

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Enormous police-grade accuracy in a robust casing!

This breathalyzer is suitable for both private and professional applications.
The built-in sensor is the exact same model that is included within breathalyzers used by the police in Germany and many other European countries. Thanks to the generous use of platin, it has an extremely high accuracy and stability, which makes the device predestined for long-term use and multiple tests within a short period of time.

How to use: Attach the mouthpiece. Then hold the green power button until the Alcotest 3000 starts to warm up. After a short period of time it will display the word “READY”. You can then blow into the mouthpiece until the device tells you that it is analyzing your breath. A few seconds later, you can read the result on the display.

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Dräger Alcotest 3000
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