ACE Instruments – Precision or nothing.

ACE Instruments was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Bavaria, Germany.

Our company is specialized in products from the area of Industrial safety, company need and measuring technology. The latter includes alcohol, drugs and gas measuring.
ACE Instruments core competencies are in the area of alcohol measuring technology: We develop and design our own brand of breathalyzers and also distribute other brands of breathalyzers, such as Dräger and EnviteC AlcoQuant. In addition, ACE also offers different kinds of services like the calibration of breathalyzers.

We are dedicated to provide precise results, and therefore eager to ensure our devices convince their users through high accuracy, long durability and easy handling.

Ascertained Precision

In 2015, the TU Wien (Technical University of Vienna, Austria) conducted a study concerning the accuracy and precision of different breathalyzers. Our products performed well, as you can see in this PDF containing the whole study. The ACE II Basic performed especially well, hence being labeled the test winner of the study.